PTA Life Members

This page is a tribute to all of those previous Texas PTA Life Membership Award recipients from Chandler Elementary. These individuals have gone above and beyond the call of duty in supporting the PTA's mission, Chandler Elementary, and our students. Each spring, individuals are named for this prestigious award.
Chandler Elementary PTA Award Recipients


Jennifer Sharpe, Scott Kessler, David Noll**


Natalie King, Shannon Trice, Carrie Rios, Jenna McGrath, Debbie Newcomer*

2020 Claire Chau, Ursula Chumley, Dawn Horton, Christina Knoerschild*, Sherri Kirby**
2019 Melanie Weigand, Jean Raymond, Amy Sievert*
2018 Forrestine White, Chelsea Abboud, Lazaro Rojas
2017 Wendy Semper, Jennie Gee, Lisa Bingham
2016 Nikki Blacketer, Debbie Newcomer, James White
2015 Teresa Wancio, Brenda McGee, Michelle Patterson
2014 Sarah Mitchell, Kimberly Morrison, Calli Smith
2013 Christina Knoerschild, Christopher McCoy, Brooke Cherry
2012 Amy Sievert, Pam Dreyer, Amber Arnold
2011 Kelley Love, Darrel Morrison, Stephanie Garnder
2010 Cathy Meagher, Royla Gossett
2009 Alyson Johnson, Jenny Caperhart, Jennifer Bush
2008 Diana Risell, Stephanie Kirk
2007 Suzanne Crisci, Stacie Curd, Donna Hans

*Extended Service Award

**National PTA Lifetime Achievement Award

Volunteer Opportunities